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Hi, friends or guests, welcome to my online photo albums. I am Shih-chi Chiang, or you could simply call me "Sophie", my foreign name used in business. At present, I work as a software developer and live in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan.

Here I save most of my original pictures with no or a little adjusting. The camera I use is Canon PowerShot A700. I am neither a professional nor a semi-professional photographer. I just want to record what I have seen in my life. Besides smugmug, I also put some selected photos at Flickr:

If you could read Chinese, I would like to invite you to visit my blog:

If you think smugmug is good and consider to register the membership, you may want some discount. This is my personal coupon: 7LfTrX5PM5Mns. It saves you $5 and me $10. (Check the details of smugmug's referral program)

Have a nice day.

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